AutomationHero's $4M Email Win

How we helped AutomationHero secure $4 Million from Cold Emails


AutomationHero helps organizations process their documents faster with their powerful and complete intelligent document processing platform. Despite their high referral rates, they faced difficulties in reaching out to enterprise-level customers.


AutomationHero came to us with three primary issues

  1. Poor campaign response rates.
  2. Difficulty in engaging finance professionals at private family offices and investment funds, as their emails were often not opened. Their contact information was challenging to obtain, and they had several layers of security hindering email visibility.
  3. The AI-driven company was manually handling its email campaigns. With a team of over 10 SDRs, they still were not able to achieve the desired email volume. They were in urgent need of an outbound system that could significantly increase their sales meetings.


“Partnering with Growtomation transformed our approach. They completely revamped our cold emailing system, boosting our sales pipeline” - AutomationHero team.


Our 3 phases in meeting their challenges

Phase 1

During our initial week of collaboration, we conducted a thorough review of their operations and identified that their domains had poor reputations, causing decreased response rates.

We also noted that their SPF, BIMI, MTA, and TLS records were not set up correctly, contributing to a low email deliverability score of 20%.

Phase 2

Reaching investors and family offices gets challenging due to their stringent email security measures. We tackled this obstacle early on in our campaign development.

We realized that their selection of domains, particularly those ending in .info and .online, was not optimal as domains ending in .com typically have a 5-8% higher chance of deliverability.

After acquiring domains with better deliverability rates, we optimized DNS configurations to ensure our emails could bypass corporate email filters. By setting up ISPs and DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities), we managed to increase our email open rates by an extra 4%.

Many firms don't consider the specific requirements of ISPs when warming up domains. Once a company secures ISP alignment and configures DANE and BIMI, their domain warming becomes more efficient.

Phase 3

We crafted email sequences to prevent leads from dropping mid-funnel. This strategy increased our response rate and led to securing deals worth $52M in total contract value with multiple investment funds.



  • Completely restructured email campaigns within three weeks.
  • Connected with the top 10 family offices in the MENA region through cold email initiatives.
  • Elevated open rates from 25% to 75%.
  • Boosted response rates from 1.5% to 18%.
  • Secured a $4M deal via a cold email campaign.
  • Implemented automations that saved the sales team approximately 25 hours weekly.

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