Campaigns to Client Gains

How we developed successful Outbound Campaigns and gained 12 new clients for a B2B SaaS company


The client, a business accelerator aiding B2B firms in boosting their annual recurring revenue (ARR), with an internal Hybrid Customer Acquisition System. Although they generate 95% of their leads through platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, they recognized a downtrend in their acquisition strategy: their cold email outreach. Their email campaigns were underachieving with a mere 22% open rate, and scaling this channel effectively posed a significant challenge.


They came to us with specific objectives

  1. A 35% spam rate and a 10% bounce rate being considered standard.
  2. Low sales conversions from their cold email approach, coupled with just 22% email open rate.
  3. Knowledge gaps in tracking and maintaining domain health and reputation, resulting in increased spam frequencies.
  4. Expanding their email outreach to manage over 1000 emails across more than 20 domains simultaneously.

“Partnering with Growtomation has been transformative for our company. They significantly enhanced our email open rates and lowered our bounce and spam rates. Their input was crucial in refining our overall strategy."  - The client


Our 4 phases in meeting their objectives

Phase 1

To clarify uncertainties regarding their conversion, spam, and bounce statistics, we undertook an in-depth industry analysis, with data from similar accelerators. This enabled us to define clear benchmarks for 'effective' conversion rates at different stages of the sales funnel. At the same time, we put in place DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) configurations to verify their email origins, thereby strengthening email integrity.

Phase 2

With benchmarks for conversion rates established, we next focused on addressing the decline in open rates observed from our A/B testing. We implemented a gradual email warm-up process, ensuring email servers recognized and trusted emails from their domains. This procedure involved incrementally increasing the volume of emails sent, adhering to best practices, and reacting to feedback from ISPs.

2.1 Improving Conversion Metrics

Benchmarking Industry Standards: After examining data from 250 campaigns within the industry, we discovered the average cold email campaign conversion rate was around 27%.

Incorporating Continuous Email Monitoring: Given that the company's open rates were fluctuating at about 22% in certain A/B tests, we integrated real-time email monitoring tools, to track domain health and sender reputation.

Optimization: Through data analysis and strategic adjustments, we saw an uplift in their open rates over two months, achieving a competitive 65%, aligning closer to the industry standard.

2.2 Advancing Through Technical Enhancements

Segmentation and Detailed Analysis: We saw an opportunity in the company's potential email responses. By employing sophisticated email segmentation tools, we analyzed over 8,000 emails in their database for targeted communication.

Allocating a Dedicated IP: Addressing their 10% bounce rate and a domain with a 35% spam rate, we made structural changes. Allocating a dedicated IP to their email campaign streamlined their sending process, significantly improving email deliverability.

Phase 3

Our evaluation revealed concerning high bounce and spam rates. We executed a comprehensive series of tests, including reverse DNS lookups, SMTP banner verifications, and blocklist checks. By enhancing their email sender reputation, revising their content approach, and setting up rigorous server health alerts, we achieved a notable reduction in both bounce and spam rates.

Phase 4:

Our strategy involved assigning specific IP addresses, which led to more efficient email inbox placements and a fourfold increase in the daily email sending limit.



  • Our efforts improved the SaaS company’s email open rates, aligning them with industry norms.
  • Introducing DKIM and a systematic warm-up process resulted in a stable email deliverability.
  • Open rates soared from 22% to 68%.
  • The initial bounce rate of 10% dropped to 2%, and the concerning 35% spam rate reduced to 0.3%.
  • A well-planned expansion strategy enhanced daily email outreach from 200 to over 1000, without substantial financial or labor investments.
  • In conclusion, these combined initiatives led to them acquiring 12 new clients, demonstrating the success of the revamped outbound campaign.

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