Scaling SaaS, Reducing Spam

How we expanded a Fintech SaaS company from 1 to 100 Domains (And brought down spam rate from 9% to zero risk 0.1%)


The B2B company powers payments for the world’s fastest-growing businesses - from Gig Economy giants such as Uber to global Fintech leaders such as PayPal and Remitly.


They came to us with specific objectives

  1. Upgrade their email system from 1 domains to a significant 100.
  2. Address the issue of a low CTR which is 0.3% at present.
  3. Decrease the high bounce rates, which currently stand at 9%.
  4. Develop lead follow-up methods to capture potential opportunities that were being missed.


Our 3 phases in meeting their objectives

Phase 1

We began with an extensive review of this Fintech’s current email setup. Identifying problems in their SPF and BIMI settings, we made necessary corrections and enhancements in these areas along with 12 other vital backend components. This established a strong base for expansion and was critical for enhancing email deliverability.

Phase 2

Once the groundwork took shape, we tackled the task of migrating them from their original email service provider to a more scalable solution. This migration, completed in just seven days, allowed for the addition of the extra 50 domains they planned to incorporate.

Phase 3

After the migration and integration, our attention turned to in-depth data analysis. By closely observing sending patterns, recipient responses, and feedback mechanisms, we adjusted sending intervals, content styles, and queue management. This adaptive approach boosted their CTR to 5.2% and significantly lowered the bounce rate to just 0.1%.



  • Migrated them to a new email provider within a single week.
  • Expanded their email infrastructure from 1 to 100 domains.
  • Increased the Click-Through Rate (CTR) from a mere 0.3% to an impressive 5.2%.
  • Dropped the bounce rate from 9% to a negligible 0.1%.
  • Integrating them with HubSpot CRM boosted operational efficiency, reduced lead handling time, and opened new automation capabilities.

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