HuddleUp's Inbox Impact

How we expanded HuddleUp's Email Outreach with an 11% reply rate from the previous 0.5%


HuddleUp, an AI-driven continuous feedback platform for teams, aims to broaden its reach. Their goal is to increase their primary outreach channel twofold, yet they face challenges in augmenting their capacity. Scaling alongside budget constraints and making the most out of existing assets, is a formidable task. They desire to amplify their messaging but are unclear on the path to expansion.


HuddleUp came to us with these primary issues

  1. Widening email reach without incurring excess costs or compromising the message quality.
  2. Low email opens and concerns in email delivery, and ISP relations.
  3. Ending up in spam and promotional email categories.
  4. Winning new clients with their cold emails.


The Challenge

HuddleUp had a clear vision for growth, but the route to expansion was fraught with ambiguities. Their main obstacle was to efficiently scale email communications while maintaining message integrity and adhering to their financial limits. The complexities involved in ensuring email delivery and ISP relations further complicated their situation.

"In a mere three weeks, Growtomation markedly boosted our email communication effectiveness. They addressed all our challenges with email delivery, while managing to keep our expenses controlled." - HuddleUp team


Our 3 phases in meeting their challenges

Phase 1

From the outset, we began establishing connections with key Internet Service Providers, collecting feedback on HuddleUp’s email practices. Our evaluation disclosed concerns highlighted by these ISPs with their email headers and domain reputation.

Phase 2

Addressing these identified problems directly, we aligned our strategies with the ISPs' recommended practices, adopting protocols to enhance email delivery effectiveness. Concurrently, we set up latency tracking systems to provide immediate insights into email delivery, thereby improving their email campaign reach.

Phase 3

Considering the high volume of emails the company planned to distribute, vigilant monitoring for possible hurdles was essential. We installed complex monitoring systems for their email queues to ensure timely messaging. In addition, to safeguard server reliability and quickly detect any arising issues, we established server health alerts, securing continuous and efficient communication efforts.


  • In a span of just three weeks, we completely overhauled HuddleUp's email strategy.
  • The open rate rose up to 72% from 30%.
  • The response rate went up to 11% from 0.5%.
  • We managed to scale up the email outreach while also realizing cost efficiencies.
  • Their emails no longer ended up in spam or promotional folders, leading to enhanced inbox visibility.

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